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    Course Structure

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    Structure Your eCommerce Campaigns Like A Pro

    Your Google Ads campaign structure is a powerful thing. Given that campaigns are the level at which all account settings are set, the contents of the campaign should not only reflect the context of the keywords and ads contained within it, but also how you plan to target the ads. In this lesson, you will cover account structure basics, which are core to setting up a scalable eCommerce paid search program.


    Search Ad Excellence - Or How We Increased Ad CTR By 114% In 60 Days

    Learn all about ad management, from what to include, to how to test your ads for maximum learning and impact. We take you through one of our tried-and-tested ad frameworks.


    5 Google Ads Reports That Will Supercharge Your ROAS

    Once your campaigns are in full-swing, it can be a challenge to find ways to optimise them. In this lesson, we’ve covered five reports that are central to optimisation of your Google Ads campaigns.

    How To Optimise A Failing Google Ads Campaign

    We’ve all been there - you’ve inherited or restructured a campaign, and despite best efforts performance is going less well than anticipated. Acquisition costs are through the roof, Quality Scores are average at best, and the campaign return on ad spend is painful to report! In this lesson, we’re going to look at how to make things better, in the shortest possible time. Specifically, we’ll take you through a performance framework that we’ve used to turnaround many a failing campaign.

    How To Become An Audience-Centred Marketer

    The key to becoming a top eCommerce marketer is to understand your audience first and foremost, and that’s why this step is so important to scaling your eCommerce ad spend. In this lesson we will look to demystify audience targeting within Google Ads. We’ll take you through all of the key audience targeting options, from standalone Google audiences, to ‘stacked’ combined audiences which will take your audience targeting to another level, particularly if you operate in a competitive, high Cost per Click vertical such as fashion and skincare.


    A Sure-Fire Way To Structure Your Google Shopping Campaigns

    Google Shopping Ads are as close to the money as you can get in eCommerce advertising. And with more people than ever turning to Google to initiate their purchase journeys, Google Shopping is more important than ever for eCommerce advertisers. In this lesson, we look at how to structure your shopping campaigns for best results, together with some best practices to help drive customer acquisition.


    Unleash The Power Of YouTube Ads For eCommerce

    YouTube Ads excel at driving exposure across the world’s second-largest search engine, capturing attention at the top, middle, and bottom of your eCommerce marketing funnel. And this is especially true since the onset of iOS 14, and the impact that it’s had on the other DTC customer acquisition behemoth, Facebook. Not only is Facebook Ads data unreliable, but audience sizes are shrinking, and eCommerce marketing ROI is suffering as a result. In the final lesson of the series, we’ll be looking at YouTube Ads, and specifically how to target, measure, and create your YouTube ad campaigns.


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