""Xuem's subscription model has allowed us to get a high output of creative assets to promote our product range within a small space of time. They have enabled us to make use of a variety of lifestyle, branded video and influence"

Krista Omer

Brand Manager, Palmer's

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A creative solution to meet Palmer’s growing creative needs

Palmer’s, under their parent company E.T. Browne Drug Co Inc, have over 180 years of rich history in the beauty industry, famous for their naturally inspired cocoa butter and coconut oil products. Their global reputation has been established by their high quality product line that is now selling in over 100 countries. In the UK particularly, Palmer’s have established themselves as the leading cocoa butter body care brand.

In order to consolidate and expand their presence within the UK market, Palmer’s has been ramping up promotional activity across digital channels.

With this increased digital focus, Palmer’s came to two realizations: 1) they require higher and higher volumes of creative assets, and 2) a greater emphasis on quality of creative is needed in order to achieve stronger campaign performance.

To overcome these challenges, Palmer’s turned to Shuttlerock’s Creative as a Service (CaaS) solution—a modern subscription-based offering that is helping Palmer’s to produce high quality video creative assets at scale.

Only ten weeks into their subscription and Palmer’s has produced 65 creative assets optimized for use across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest.

Scaling creative production without scaling costs or compromising quality

In order to promote their different products, target specific audiences with tailored messaging, and continuously refresh creative, Palmer’s require a high volume of assets. As they ramp up their digital efforts and include new platforms within their promotional mix, this requirement continues to grow.

This often can lead brands to running unoptimized, low quality creative assets in order to get the volume they require. For Palmer’s this was out of the question as quality was—and always has been—a top priority for their brand.

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