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These tools are designed to help improve your brand’s digital marketing, website performance, analysis, and overall customer acquisition. Choose a use case below to find the tools to match your needs.

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I want to improve my Facebook advertising.

Need inspiration? Find out the creative best practices within your vertical. Discover how other start-ups and scale-ups are using creativity to turbocharge customer acquisition.

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I want to understand how our digital marketing compares against the competition.

Looking to benchmark your brand? See how you compare to your peers and get your custom action plan to move up the curve.

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I want to audit my marketing skillset.

Want to know where you stand as a CMO? Digital marketing is constantly evolving. But no matter how much it changes, we believe it can be broken down into 6 core disciplines. Take a few minutes to find out exactly where your strengths and areas of development lie.

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Mastering Facebook Ads

I’m looking for best-practice inspiration around Facebook Ads in retail, travel or finance. I want to understand how popular brands master customer acquisition.


eCommerce Customer Persona Generator

I want to understand who my target customers are and how to reach them. I want to create a customer persona to help inform my targeting and creative.


Digital Marketing Maturity Test

I want to compare my digital marketing maturity with other startups and growth-driven businesses. I want to create my roadmap to digital maturity.