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Did you know that a staggering 85% of consumers check online reviews before purchasing skincare products? Reviews hold serious sway over purchasing decisions in the beauty industry. Managing your online reputation is no longer optional – it can determine whether your brand sinks or swims.

But online review management for skincare and beauty brands comes with its own complex set of challenges. You need to keep track of reviews across a myriad of platforms and stores. You must address negative reviews without tarnishing your brand image. And you have to showcase happy customers in a way that feels authentic.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through proven online review management strategies tailored for skincare brands. From monitoring review sites to showcasing raving fans, we’ve got you covered!

Step-by-Step Guide


. Create Google Alerts

Actively monitoring online reviews is the critical first step. You need to know what’s being said before you can effectively manage online reviews. Google Alerts allow you to get automatic notifications whenever your brand or products are mentioned online.

To create an alert:

  • Go to the Google Alerts page
  • In the search bar, enter your brand name or product names
  • Adjust the alert frequency, sources, language and location settings
  • Click “Create Alert”
  • Check your email for notifications whenever your brand is discussed online
Expert Tip
Harpal Singh

Creating separate alerts for each product helps you identify issues specific to particular items.


. Use Social Media Management Tools

Platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social make social media monitoring a breeze. Their custom dashboards and alerts ensure no feedback slips through the cracks.

Key features to leverage:

  • Branded hashtag and location tag tracking
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Influencer tracking
  • Review volume change alerts

. Track Influencer Reviews Manually

Influencers have an significant impact on their audience’s purchasing choices. A single negative review on an influential beauty blog or YouTube channel can seriously damage your brand’s credibility.

That’s why you need to manually track and document influencer reviews outside of mainstream social platforms. Use a spreadsheet to log:

  • Influencer name and audience size
  • Review date, platform and URL
  • Overall sentiment
  • Specific feedback on products

This data will help identify opportunities for improvement and engagement.

. Assign Monitoring Responsibilities

To keep on top of the review influx, assign team members specific monitoring tasks. For example:

  • Nancy monitors Google listings and alerts
  • Tom oversees Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Sarah tracks influencer blogs and video reviews

Having clearly defined duties improves accountability and ensures no stone is left unturned.


. Thank Happy Customers

With great monitoring comes great responsibility. You need to thoughtfully respond to every piece of feedback that comes your way.

Delighted customers take the time to praise your products? Show your gratitude! Responses like this cultivate brand love:

  • “Thank you so much for your phenomenal review! We absolutely love hearing our products give you confidence. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions!”

. Address Criticism Constructively

Negative reviews can feel personal, especially if you’ve poured passion into developing exceptional products. But reacting defensively often backfires and escalates situations.

Instead, address each critique professionally and offer solutions. Replacement products and refunds reassure the customer their voice is heard and issues will be made right. Responses may look like:

  • “We sincerely apologize your purchase did not meet expectations. Our top priority is delivering exceptional quality and service. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team at [email] so we can make this right!”

. Reply to Every Review

Commenting on each piece of feedback nurtures relationships and demonstrates you value customers’ perspectives, regardless of sentiment.


. Handle Sensitive Issues Delicately

Particularly nasty reviews call for a delicate approach. Acknowledge concerns publicly, then take the conversation offline to resolve matters comprehensively away from public eyes. Providing direct contact info for your Customer Happiness Team facilitates further discussion.

Expert Tip
Harpal Singh

Personalized responses diffuse negative emotions. Begin replies with “We understand this has been frustrating…” before addressing specifics.


. Measure Key Metrics

Collecting feedback is only half the battle. The real magic lies in analyzing reviews to derive actionable insights.

Analytics platforms like Hootsuite reveal valuable data goldmines. Track metrics like:

  • Most discussed products
  • Review volume changes
  • Overall sentiment ratios
  • Recurring positive/negative themes

Segment data by product type and skin type for targeted insights.

. Create Reports

Transform metrics into digestible executive reports. Include elements like:

  • Total review volume
  • Ratios of positive, negative and neutral
  • Word clouds illustrating common themes
  • Charts tracking sentiment changes over time
  • Top and bottom performing products

Reports enable data-driven decisions to bolster customer satisfaction.


. Demonstrate Improvements

Publicly share improvements made based on feedback analysis. Whether revamping a product formula or overhauling return policies, transparently communicating changes reassures customers their voices shape the brand.

Expert Tip
Harpal Singh

Compare changes in metrics week-over-week and month-over-month to reveal impactful insights.


. Re-share Stellar Reviews

Transform delighted customers into your best brand advocates! Showcasing smiles, satisfaction and stellar products strengthens your reputation and fuels sales.

Resharing 4 and 5 star reviews across owned platforms compounds positive exposure. Varied formats like video testimonials feel refreshingly authentic and trustworthy.

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. Get Creative

Dream up innovative ways to broadcast gleaming feedback. For example:

  • Product packaging pull quotes
  • Shoppable Smile Galleries onsite
  • User-generated contest galleries
  • Mixed-media customer appreciation ads
  • Testimonial touchpoints along the buyer journey

Imaginative approaches make customers feel uniquely valued.

. Keep Content Evergreen Fresh

Continuously rotate in your latest and greatest positive reviews. Recent positive testimonials feel more relevant to potential customers evaluating your current reputation. Plus, removing outdated feedback avoids giving off obsolete vibes.

Expert Tip
Harpal Singh

Implement structured data markup so rich review snippets shine prominently across Google. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use structured data markup, specifically markup, on your website so review ratings are displayed prominently in Google search results, influencing clicks.

. Make Review Submission Effortless

Customer centricity means keeping your finger on the pulse through ongoing review collection and product enhancement. Reduce review submission friction with:

  • Rating + review forms baked into your site
  • Post-purchase review email sequences
  • Make review images instantly shoppable

Well-timed, personalized review requests sent when the experience remains top of mind tend to see excellent engagement.


. Close the Loop

Check back in with once-unhappy customers after addressing their complaints. Confirm issues were resolved completely to their satisfaction. If so, politely ask them to revisit their earlier criticisms with fresh perspectives. Closing this feedback loop strengthens long-term relationships and reflects your dedication.

. Commit to Continuous Improvement

Consistently tuning into customer feedback through review analysis, then refining and evolving products, policies and procedures accordingly, is non-negotiable. Laser focus on enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint fortifies positive perceptions.

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  • Respond to every review – positive or negative. This demonstrates you value customer feedback.
  • Have a customized response template ready to save time responding to common review themes.
  • Follow up with customers if issues raised earlier have been resolved based on their feedback.
  • Use review sentiment analysis to identify areas for product or service improvement.
  • Showcase your happiest customer reviews ethically after taking their consent.
  • Don’t argue with customers or get defensive in responses. Always remain constructive.
  • Don’t publish fake positive reviews or try to bribe customers for reviews. It will damage credibility if caught.
  • Don’t overwhelm customers with too frequent review requests. Space them out appropriately.
  • Don’t use unreliable automated tools for analyzing customer review data. Manual quality checks are a must.
  • Don’t cherry pick only perfect five star reviews to showcase. Share a balanced, authentic selection of feedback.

Case Study

Renew Skincare is a small organic skincare label launched by Ashley Nunes out of her home kitchen. Despite no marketing budget beyond her personal Instagram account, Ashley’s carefully crafted formulas targeting skin issues like acne, wrinkles and pigmentation quickly caught on. “Seeing the first few glowing reviews from customers genuinely moved me,” recalls Ashley. But as demand grew, how would Renew maintain exceptional quality and service?

“I knew customer feedback should drive all major decisions to prevent expansion headaches down the line,” says Ashley wisely. She dedicated two hours every morning to monitoring and thoughtfully responding to every customer review on social media, forums and their recently launched website. This helped identify recurring customer pain points to address. For example, packaging changes were made after reviews called out inconveniences from leaky, faulty dispenser pumps.

Six months since starting review management rigorously, Renew continues to garner loyalty through highly personalized service even as order volumes grow. Analytics revealed customers frequently sharing images demonstrating their bespoke skincare “Renew-al”. So Ashley is now developing a structured program around encouraging and incentivizing customer content contributions along with video testimonials.

Paying attention to reviews provides valuable insights guaranteeing we don’t lose sight of what matters most – creating skincare that consumers not only buy once but also actively promote to the community.

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