Online Travel Agency

An Online Travel Agency specialising in golf holidays wanted to scale up growth in a big way following challenging market conditions in 2019. 

The Challenge

An Online Travel Agency specialising in golf holidays were looking to get their paid media back on track after a challenging 2019, with the channel a key driver of revenue growth. Going into the critical New Year booking period, which accounted for a significant chunk of annual bookings, the pressure was on to deliver results, quickly. 

Their Google Ads account was relatively mature, with tightly-knit campaign themes and proper segmentation in place, so it would take something truly innovative to drive impact. 

The Solution

Following a 103-point audit process it was determined that the company could have been doing more with Dynamic Search in order to expand reach, and maximise the potential of their vast website. 

Amongst numerous tactics, Dynamic Search Ads were built out from a single campaign to nearly 20, with ad groups split out by targeting method in order to appropriately drive budget to areas of performance. Google Smart Bidding was also employed, with Target CPA the chose bid strategy.

The final piece of the puzzle was to provide Google with as many data signals as possible to optimise towards, and to this end hundreds of first and third-party audiences were added in order to improve targeting. 

The Results

Compared to the previous January booking period, enquiry volume increased by 48%, with a 36% reduction in cost per lead. 

This also had a profound impact on bookings, with a 20% increase in revenue, despite spending 6% less in Paid Search YoY.

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