The Savile Row Company

The Savile Row Company are a menswear retailer based in Savile Row, London. They specialise in tailor made shirts, suits, chinos and casual wear.

The Challenge

The Savile Row Company operate in the extremely competitive menswear space, alongside the likes of TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt – both of whom spend millions of pounds each year on search advertising.  With much more modest budgets, and no offline retail presence, The Savile Row Company needed to get creative in order to steal market share. With Q4 fast approaching, coupled with declining consumer spend trends, the brand needed to do something different in order to drive growth in challenging market conditions.  

The Solution

Combining Google Smart Shopping with Target CPA allowed for greater focus around the shopping ad format. Manual shopping campaigns were consolidated into a single campaign, which used automated bidding to deliver impressions. Finally, seasonal bid adjustments were put into place to help optimise for the surge in demand around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

The Results

Comparing December 2019 vs. December 2018, The Savile Row Company saw a 134% increase in transactions, a 150% increase in revenue, and a 36% reduction in cost per transaction. 

Across the all-important Black Friday weekend, transactions also increased by 61% YoY, with revenue growing by 38%, and cost per transaction declining by 16%.

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