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Like many advertisers, jump on the New Year's Resolution bandwagon with a message that focuses on achieving 2020 goals. Unlike most however, they infuse their brand seamlessly into the conversation with an ad that focuses on a key product segment: resorts with fitness centers.


Airbnb creatively align themselves with the start of the new decade, by going down the 20 for 20 route. They not only provide inspiration, by bringing new destinations to the fore, but do so in a way that maximises relevancy, during a period that many travelers are looking to prepare travel plans for the year ahead.

Key takeaway

Sophisticated Facebook advertisers understand that aligning themselves with a topical theme is an opportunity to connect with target audiences in a meaningful, relevant way. However, the very pinnacle of advertisers take this a step further, and leverage the power of visual creativity to truly separate themselves from the pack. Don’t be afraid to put a creative twist on topical events.​

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